mandag 2. mai 2011

Lady Gaga to take notes from P!nk

Note: Excerpts from an interview w/ Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter.
You’ve said in the past that Australia and Canada were the first places where Gaga broke. What happened there?
Australia has good taste. Aside from that, Australia and Canada don’t tend to just follow. Many markets simply follow what’s happening in America. When you look at band like Kings of Leon and the success Pink had, Australia just embraces things earlier. They’re two places that aren’t afraid to take chances.

Any visits to Australia on the cards?
Oh yeah, we’re coming to Australia. We’ll make a couple of trips. And we’re going to stay there for a while when we come. We were over there when Pink was playing and it was a great lesson for us to learn. When you invest in a country like [Pink did], a country will invest in you. It wasn’t about Pink going over there and piling everyone into a few stadiums for a few nights. She went over there and lived there and became part of the culture. We’ll be there in July to promote the album. Then we’re back out that way… well… it’ll be a surprise.


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