tirsdag 31. mai 2011

Big Mama!

When come P!nk's baby out! It's feels like years. I think I heard one time that the baby should be born around june or july, I hope so!
She is biig!

Hair Weekend 5 - braids

It's took a lot of time to find P!nk in braids, but I found it to the end:


Man Down music video

Today will the music video to Man down came out! I can't wait. Rom bom bom bom.... love it!....

But don't forget the Califonia King Bed Download week!

søndag 29. mai 2011

She's good

Look what I wound:

Is'nt she sweet?

Hair Weekend - 4 Brown Hair

Rihanna was born with borwn hair, and P!nk have it one time too (but she was born blond XD)

Califonia King Bed download week

Rihanna Navy! Let’s do this again!
After a great success of “S&M” Download Weeks we’re moving to Rihanna’s next single – California King Bed! Through the whole week we’re focusing as much as we can on RIHquesting and purchasing the song on iTunes and Amazon! Make sure to watch the video on Youtube and Yahoo! Music as well! Let’s show them how strong we are! The download week will last from today until June 4th.

Rihanna covers Cosmopolitan

In July will Rihanna been on the cover for Cosmopolitan. So I hope it will come here in Norway too!

She is hot <3

lørdag 28. mai 2011

P!nk says:

I descided at 15 that I didnt want to be one of those artist that gets up and sing love songs they don't mean. I descided that I was going to be me to the fullest extent, that my songs were going to reflect relationships Ive had, things Ive been through, and even the stuff I'm embarrassed about.


Todays song

I'ts a realy deep song...

Todays Photo

Hair Weekend 3 - Red Hair

Rihanna have now red hair, but P!nk have actually have red hair one time:

Rihanna at the time...

OMG, sorry for not bloging before. I was on a party yesterday, and the day after, so I come home at 12.00. So then I wanna start with what Rihanna has done this time...

Rihanna performing at the ' Today Show'.

Love here style!

So lucky they are!

And we love you!

And here is the interview:'

Rihanna... never give up!

tirsdag 24. mai 2011

mandag 23. mai 2011

Hair Weekend - 1 long Hair

I have found out something self, on this week, I wanna show you what hair P!nk  and Rihanna have/ had like. So, I wil start with long hair. (Something who is a long time we saw P!nk in)


When I saw this clip form Billboard Music Award. And I coud die... Rihannna was so good! She had due it again... Britney was good to. I'm prode of them both!

Rihanna Speeches At The 2011 Billboard Music Awards

Happy on her way!

She realy need it!

todays song

This is the song I have on my brain right now, U and Ur hands:

søndag 22. mai 2011


Hallo, on Youtube it is MANY beautiful drawings. I found one of P!nk and one of Rihanna for you:

You like it?

I found this photo...


And begin and laugh! I'ts fun, but mouth of it is'nt true. I like that with P!nk and Ferige best. And Rihanna are there too! :)

Ellen DeGeners Show

I found some clip when P!nk and Rihanna are in Ellen DeGeners Show, take a look:

haha, love the end!

Yes, is fun to be different! SO cute she are!!

Who don't like here leggs? :P

Haha, bad camera guy!

What I want!

This is what I want today:

 Split Personality the story about P!nk

 Fortellingen om Rihanna

I've almost forgot...

This song! I love this song, but is a long time sice I have listen to it. I'ts hear like Dear Diary by P!nk. Maybe Rihanna took  inspiration by P!nk??

Behind the Scenes - 5

I'm not Dead. This is P!nk's album there P!nk may grow up lill bit. She sing about what she feel (like always) but on  different way. I like most Dear Mr. President, because it's a very deep lyric.

lørdag 21. mai 2011

Good Girls Gone Bad!

Hey, I've always hate myself because I've havent buy Good Girls Gone Bad album!! But now I have!

Now I got every album about P!nk and Rihanna! And I can't stopp listen too Good Girls Gone Bad!


I found many photos of P!NK:

new ' Loud' photo

This is the new promotinal picture. Rihanna took out on Twitter. HOT huh??

torsdag 19. mai 2011

Todays song

P!nk ft. Eminem Won't back down


Rihanna was seen outside studios in LA where she’s rehearsing for her upcoming tour (starts in 16 days in 
Baltimore). While arriving Ri got to greet check out her friend… and the girl LikedItLikedIt

onsdag 18. mai 2011

Behind the scenes 4

Rihanna- Umbrella


Lol, I've found many buttons about p!nk and Rihanna! I've always loved buttons, and have one self of Rihanna, who I made self.