mandag 28. februar 2011

Twitter Fight!

Yees you read right. Rihanna was in a 'Twitter Fight' with Ciara! Ciara: - I meet her on a pary. Sad Ciara to "Fashion Police". - She didn't She behaved not exactly a pleasant one. It's crazy, because I havealways loved and respected what she has achieved in fashion. But it was not exactly the most pleasant meeting.
And you know that it is not good to talk shit to Rihanna, she sad: - My fault Ci, I forgot to tell you? So you are Gangsta' hoh? haaa
Ciara: - Belive me Rihanna, you don't want to se me on the stage, or backstage.
Rihanna: - Good luck to booke that stage you talking about.

Little bit later: Rihanna: - Ciara, baby, I love you girl! You hurt me really on the TV. I'm broken! That why I'm avenged me on this way! Sorry!
Ciara:- Rih, you know I allways love you since day one! With concerts and everything. You ignored me really on the pary! You are forgiven. Let us rather face to face. 
Good they are friends again!!

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